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As a businessman that in retail for more than 20 years I’m sure that you know, how fast you can grow/profit, once you get the right products…..WE DO HAVE IT!!!!!

My name is Shahar Jimmy Amar and I’m the CEO. I would love to shed some light on the points above.

Key bullet

Marketing attributes:

collectible, attracts attention on the surrounding and bought while clients are in “party” mood/ by fervent fans.

Consumer product attributes:

durable, compact, light and easy to use.

Business key attributes:

huge target market, a novel marketing platform.

Legal attributes:

utility patent protection, design patent protection, online marketplace surveillance protection

Reasons you should work with us

High quality n product that caters to huge industries

Registered utility patent and in addition patent design

Distribution marketing program/plan, in more than 90 countries and 6 continents

Winning team



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