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B.O.T Products

B.O.T Cap

The ideal wearable for special events – on the sports field and with family and friends: such as Independence Day celebrations, concerts, shows, Olympics events, World Cup celebrations, and all sporting events. B.O.T Cap can be customized to feature any event’s branding and message, and can include animated  characters, corporate advertising and more. B.O.T cap features LED lights and music, and works with disposable batteries, which can be replaced, as needed.

Specifications: Hat, ball with logo, sound/music, LED lights, magnet unit.

B.O.T Pro

Designed with sports clubs in mind, the B.O.T Pro takes the B.O.T Cap to new heights. It’s a spinning ball that works with a rechargeable lithium battery, and features LEDs lights, music, and a magnet unit, for an undeniably exciting effect. Sports fans can swap their B.O.T tops with another display top  highlighting their favorite players/teams, or wear the ball of their choice with their own “lucky hats,” to ensure their love for their favorite team is always center field.

Specifications: High quality hat (optional; ball can be purchased standalone), spinning ball with logo, high coloring/print, rechargeable lithium battery, sound/music, LED lights, magnet unit.

Collectible B.O.T

This premium-quality B.O.T is made of top-quality materials and can be attached to any fan’s favorite hat with a magnet unit (included). The spinning LED-lit and music-playing B.O.T can be customized to feature any sports team, company, or event. These features transform any event into a ballin’ even that’s lit, from start to finish.

Specifications: A spinning ball with a high quality logo coloring/print and top-quality materials, rechargeable lithium battery, sound/music, LED lights, magnet unit. Ball can be ordered standalone or with a cap. 

B.O.T Smart

Fully controllable synchronized advertising device for sports clubs. An innovative product for the clubs that wish to have the whole stadium flashing their colors, with one click. The B.O.T smart features a single remote that fully controls the entire club’s audience wearing the device.

Power SourceDisposableR.Lithium, DisposableR.LithiumR.Lithium, Disposable
Spinning BallXVVX / V
Led LightsVVV V
MusicVVVX / V
Hat includedVVXX / V
Print QualityAA+A++A+
Hat QualityAA++XX / V
  • All B.O.T products are high-quality, patent-protected, and can be purchased as bundles.
  • Run time – around 3 hours per battery.
  • The images are for illustration only, we don't intend to promote any company / Club / Country / Animated character

Looking Forward to Seeing Your B.O.T lit in the stands!


(For illustrative purposes only)